Breitling, Ion Orchard

IDV Concepts Asia | Breitling, Ion Orchard

Project Description

The ION Orchard was the stage for Breitling’s open-concept loft boutique. To incorporate the industrial look, metal strips were used as part of the brand’s logo pelmet. The curved design was a challenge that we took head-on and overcome.

The entrance design is similar to that of a trendy bar, whose customers are usually made up of fashion-conscious individuals who understand quality and standard. Breitling’s stylised “B” logo features prominently against a yellow mesh wall setup behind a bar-inspired top displaying the brand’s timepieces complete with bar stools.

The urban loft concept which first featured in May 2019 in Zurich was the key aspect of this design. With a 360 degree open facade, the boutique is visible from most parts of the mall. The design features a modern interpretation of the stylish spaces that characterise mid-twentieth-century industrial buildings while incorporating an intimate ambience. Inspired, among others, by Breitling’s very own neon logo of the 1940s and 50s – it reflects the brand’s rich heritage and longstanding ties to the field of aviation.

Client: Breitling

Location: Ion Orchard

Project: Local Boutique

Scope: Shop Drawing, Construction, Furniture, Fabrication & Project Management